Notes on Beauty

I believe all women are beautiful. Some beauty is more obvious than others. Some have beautiful hands, some have beautiful eyes, some beautiful feet. Some have beautiful dreams and aspirations. Some have all aspects and All have some. Can you find them. Do you look or do you process all your images of beauty through the prism of what the other guy is seeing. Do you wonder: “could I have done better?” when perhaps the question is more accurately: “how did she do so poorly?”
If you don’t believe in the Universal truth of beauty how do you get through your day?
Are you the guy in the bar who is always wondering about the next girl while the girl with you pretends she doesn’t notice? Why does she tolerate it? Perhaps she hasn’t recognized her own beauty. Maybe she hasn’t seen it yet.
Have your even fallen in love with a gesture? A smell, a glance? If so you’ve been in touch with Universal Beauty.

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