Motion and Form

I’m deeply disappointed that I’ve not been able to maintain my active shooting schedule on my own work this last 45 days. There have been many practical and necessary things that have to be dealt with at present and they will, one hopes, settle down sooner rather than later.

The benefit of this “down” time is that I’m forced to spend what spare time I have to cull through some of the millions of frames I’ve shot this year. I keep finding work by models that I really like and that should be seen and shared.

This frame was shot sometime in the Spring of this year in a rather small studio here in Manhattan. The notion of movement and tension was dramatically created for each pose by the model who was quite extraordinary.

I believe there’s good tension in the frame as well. The photo violates the “Rule of Thirds” but gathers the eye very nicely. I’m much more concerned these days with the technical composition of the frame and find that I’m rethinking several “happy accidents” that are in the portfolio and wondering about re-shooting them with much more detail. Also very interested in using some of the things I like a lot to work in a more painterly fashion. That is the compose the idea and then to do several studies of the model going through the pose again and again to find the composition and light angles that work best for the pose.

The difficulty of this is that I’ve found a couple of new models that I want very much to work with and I’ll be doing that while working forward with the others.

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