The Second Amendment – Still Works

Terrible how we confuse our problems in this country. There is no question that illegal guns, usually illegal handguns, cause lots of hurt and anguish in this country: the suicides, the accidental shootings and of course the crime. But you gotta keep clear that the hardware’s not the problem. Criminals are the problem, troubled people are the problem – do we make them illegal. Now there’s an idea. But the social scientists closed all the insane asylums in the 70s because we believe we can medicate and talk to everyone for everything. Or was it Reagan, later shot by a madman, whose programs emptied the crazy houses of the mad men? Ad Nausem.

But we continue to sloganize, sermonize and scream about handguns, certainly here in New York City. We have a police force of almost 30,000 men and women with state of the art technology and intrusive minded prosecutors – 30,000 police men and women. That’s an Occupying Army!

In D.C. where crime continues to drive the economy – poor people taking advantage of poor people and the powerful ignore it. Name one other national capital where the crime rate is routinely that high (okay, maybe San Paolo Brazil but is that really the parallel we want)? So DC, without 30,000 police officers wants to make it illegal to defend yourself at home.

Well finally the Court gets it right and the radio waves are blaring with the “lots of people will get killed now” wails. Aren’t the numbers of people killed the same, it’s just that now the law abiding, honest tax paying people can arm and defend themselves.

Read Eugene Robinson’s take on this and see if I’m nuts.

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